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Packages that use Node
com.hp.hpl.sparta A light-weight, simplified XML parser, DOM, and XPATH interpreter. 
com.hp.hpl.thermopylae Standard W3C DOM wrappers around the sparta non-standard DOM so that it can be used by packages such as Xalan that require the standard DOM. 

Uses of Node in com.hp.hpl.sparta

Subclasses of Node in com.hp.hpl.sparta
 class Document
          An XML Document.
 class Element
          An XML Element.
 class Text
          A section of text in an element.

Methods in com.hp.hpl.sparta that return Node
 Node Node.getPreviousSibling()
 Node Node.getNextSibling()
 Node Element.getFirstChild()
 Node Element.getLastChild()

Methods in com.hp.hpl.sparta with parameters of type Node
 void Element.appendChild(Node addedChild)
 void Element.removeChild(Node childToRemove)
 void Element.replaceChild(Element newChild, Node oldChild)
          Replace oldChild with newChild.
 void Element.replaceChild(Text newChild, Node oldChild)
          Replace oldChild with newChild.

Uses of Node in com.hp.hpl.thermopylae

Constructors in com.hp.hpl.thermopylae with parameters of type Node
NodeImpl(DocumentImpl doc, Node spartan)